Why Learning Styles Matter

Are you in school now? Maybe you have a child in school? Or you are a working professional trying to pick up a new skill to advance in your career?

Some topics come more easily to you than others. Until now you probably thought it had to do with the topic itself, but we have found that in almost all cases that is not true. The difference is how we are taught. If you learn better by doing (kinesthetic) then you need to do something or use a skill to learn it. If your learning style is more visual then you may do better from video courses. Maybe audio books are the best option for if you are auditory.

How about your personality? Did you know that your personality type also has a large effect on how you learn? An extorvert will do better in a group setting, while the introvert generally learns better by themselves. Some people learn better under with clear goals, while others learn better in when they feel emotionally vested in the outcome.

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